Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

One cold winter Christmas Eve, there was a family who lived in the slums of Brooklyn. The family lived in an old run down apartment, suitable for rats.

The wife wanted to buy a chain for her husband's damaged watch, but did not have enough money. She was frantic and overwhelmed in panic. She did not know what to do... Her Christmas would be ruined! She thought and though, until she came up with an idea. She decided to sell her hair at the local salon.

She entered the salon and was quickly examined by the stylist. The hair stylist was astonished in not finding damaged or liced hair. The wife and the stylist bargained and bargained. It resulted in the wife receiving $20 for her hair, which was just enough to buy the chain. She looked at herself and saw that she looked hideous, but she did not care and cloaked her head with a shawl.

She quickly searched and purchased the desired chain and left for home. She wrapped the chain in newspaper and sat quietly awaiting her husband's return from work that afternoon.

The husband had returned and entered the house. He said nothing. The wife saw that he had a grin upon his face. After dinner, they sat next to the stove for warmth. The wife then pulled out the gift and gave it to the husband. The husband looked confused, but opened it. He was in tears when he saw the gift, because he had sold his watch to buy a gift for the wife. He pulled out his gift, which was a hair brush for his wife's delicate hair. The wife and husband cried and wept. The love within the family had proven that they would sacrifice anything it took to see happiness upon their partner.

Friday, July 10, 2009

tribute for the king of pop!!


"Gone Too Soon"

Like A Comet
Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Naruto: the best anime series!!!!!

-an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village that is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. The series is based on a one-shot comic by Kishimoto that was published in the August 1997 issue of Akamaru Jump.

Usumaki Naruto, a young boy who's very enthusiastic and turns every die hard fans crave for more!!!!!

Naruto: Shippuden is a continuation of the Naruto manga series by Kishimoto, and continues the same storyline after the passing of two and a half years in the fictional Naruto universe. The episodes began airing on February 15, 2007 and have all been shown on TV Tokyo in Japan.

Latest episode:

108 "Guidepost of the Camellia"
"Tsubaki no michishirube" (椿の道標)
May 7, 2009
Naruto and Guren help each other from the hungry mini Three-Tails as Rinji's men attack Lee's group. Yūkimaru and Kakashi devise a plan to track the Three-Tails with the boy's power and get Naruto and Guren out. After Naruto and Guren escape from an illusion making fog, Naruto begins to realize Guren's good intentions. Yūkimaru then plays the song his mother taught him right above where the Three-Tails is submerged and Kakashi makes a crack in the beast's barrier; Naruto and Guren hear the tune and blast their way out.

EPISODE 446: super latest!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Man's Prayer!

A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed home. He wanted her to see what he went through so he prayed:

"Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home. I want her to know what I go through, so please allow her body to switch with mine for a day. Amen.

God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man's wish. The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman. He arose, cooked breakfast for his mate, awakened the kids, set out their school clothes, fed them breakfast, packed their lunches, drove them to school, came home and picked up the dry cleaning, took it to the cleaners and stopped at the bank to make a deposit, went grocery shopping, then drove home to put away the groceries, paid the bills and balanced the checkbook. He cleaned the cat's litter box and bathed the dog. Then it was already 1P.M. and he hurried to make the beds, do the laundry, vacuum, dust, and sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Ran to the school to pick up the kids and got into an argument with them on the way home. Set out milk and cookies and got the kids organized to do their homework, then set up the ironing board and watched TV while he did the ironing.

At 4:30 he began peeling potatoes and washing vegetables for salad,

breaded the pork chops and snapped fresh beans for supper.

After supper, he cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, folded laundry, bathed the kids, and put them to bed. At 9 P.M. he was exhausted and, though his daily chores weren't finished, he went to bed where he was expected to make love, which he managed to get through without complaint.

The next morning, he awoke and immediately knelt by the bed and said: Lord, I don't know what I was thinking. I was so wrong to envy my wife's being able to stay home all day. Please, oh please, let us trade back."

The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, replied: "My son, I feel you have learned your lesson and I will be happy to change things back to the way they were. You'll just have to wait nine months, though. You got pregnant last night."

That's When I Love You

When you have to look away
When you dont have much to say
That's when i love u
I love u just that way
To hear u stumble when u speak
Or see you walk with two left feet
That's when i love you
I love u endlessly

And when you're mad cuz you lost a game
Forget im waitin in the rain
Baby i love you
I love you anyway

So here's my promise made tonite
You can count on me for life
Cuz thats when i love you
When nothin u do could change my mind
The more i learn
The more i love
The more my heart cant get enough
That's when i love you
When i love you no matter what

So when you turn to hide ur eyes
Cuz the movie it made u cry
That's when i love u i love u a lil more each time
And when u cant quite match ur clothes
Or when u laugh at ur own jokes
That's when i love u
I love u more than you'll know

And when u forget that we had a date
Or that look that u get when u show up late
Baby i love u
I love u anyway

So here's my promise made tonite
You can count on me for life
Cuz thats when i love u
When nothin u do can change my mind
The more i learn the more i love
The more my heart cant get enough
Thats when i love u i love u no matter what

Thats when i love u
When nothin baby
Nothin u do can change my mind
The more i learn
The more i love
The more my heart cant get enough
Thats when i love u when i love u
No matter what

No matter what